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For those in pursuit of subtle, bold and dramatic looks, Bella Color Contact Lenses is the best fashion accessory to help your eyes look glamorously stunning. Its superior quality combines fashion and comfort. With Bella, beauty and solace merge to give you that stunning impression. Each hue is delicately applied with discreet spokes to emphasize the beauty of your iris, and their limbal rings help enlarge your eyes for a more defined look. Finally, every category helps you transform into a new you, whether you like to be soft and sensitive; classic and intuitive; or even bold and daring. 

The values that «Bella» represents are reflected in the letters that create the brand:


B   Breathable & Healthy – patented material enables healthy flow of oxygen to the eyes

E  Exceptional Vision – provides clear, crisp vision

Lens Protection – shields your eyes with a UV blocker

L  Luxury – soft materials that provide all day comfort

Artistic – unique designs created from the imagination of a visionary artist